30 Before 30

This weekend I celebrated my 28th birthday at Lake Powell. I am such a lucky, lucky girl!  I love my birthdays.  I have never pouted about getting closer to 30. I embrace each of my birthdays as an opportunity for new adventures.

I wanted to take this birthday in particular to set goals for the future that didn’t involve diplomas or bar exams.  Having gone straight to college after high school and having gone to law school straight from college, I never did something crazy.  While I love my career field and am so grateful to have the tool with which I want to make an income, I do harbor a few regrets.

Although there are certain adventures I can’t accommodate as easily anymore, there are plenty of others I can.  I’ve spent the last few months writing this “30 Before 30” list and I’ll have two years to finish it. These 30 tasks are things I keep saying I should do or have never told anyone I want to do. (And here’s an outright tisk tisk to those naysayers who have already said I can’t do it all.  How will I know if I never try?)

Without further adieu, my 30 before 30 activities are:

  1. Start and keep a blog.
  2. Get something published in a legal publication.
  3. Milk a cow. No kidding.
  4. Make and present banana flambe, complete with flame. See here.
  5. Run a little marathon – 5k totally acceptable.  See here.
  6. Hike to Timpanogos Cave.  See here.
  7. Visit Arches National Park.
  8. Interview my late Grandmother’s relatives about her life.
  9. Eat at Tucina Coscana.  See here.
  10. Wear a red dress somewhere. See here.
  11. Practice and perform Thriller at a Halloween party.  See here.
  12. Take a Photoshop course.
  13. Get a 401K or other “grown-up” financial plan in place.  See here.
  14. Visit Jackson Hole.
  15. Spend a one-on-one weekend with Mama Judd.
  16. Win a trial. See here.
  17. Take a dance class – tango, belly, whatever.
  18. Dye my hair brown.
  19. Enjoy an expensive bottle of wine. See here.
  20. Watch Schindler’s List.
  21. Buy stock in something.
  22. Go rafting.
  23. Spend a Thanksgiving volunteering at a homeless shelter.
  24. Exercise at least enough to lose a bra size -or two.  See here.
  25. Sew something with a sewing machine. See here.
  26. Cruise the Pacific Coast Highway.
  27. Try meditation.
  28. Can some vegetables.  See here.
  29. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s. See here.
  30. Buy a lottery ticket.  See here.

I’ve tried to make a list that doesn’t hinge on circumstances I can’t control.  For example, I’d love to get married and have kids one day but those things will come when the time is right.

What do you think? Do you know where I can find a cow? What are things you keep saying you should do?



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34 responses to “30 Before 30

  1. Cid

    I am so glad you published it!! I love every single one, and there is not one on there you can’t do. I love this idea, and you have motivated me to do one as well!! As for a cow, there is a field of them by my house. I am sure if we knocked on some doors, we could find the owners and they would happy to accommodate. Good luck and if you ever need a partner in any of them, you let me know!!!

  2. You can milk a cow at the Heritage Place thingy just outside of Logan–it’s one of those historic “working farms.” That’s where I milked a cow ;)

  3. Jen

    I milked a cow when I was younger at Wheeler Farm–that’s probably your easiest bet. I also wanted clarification on the Timpanogas hike–do you mean the hike to the cave (which is less than an hour) or the day hike up to Mt. Timpanogas? I’ve done both–I recommend going through the cave at least once. You should also try the much longer hike, too, just make sure you go late summer or fall. I’ve been meaning to get up there again so if you need a hiking buddy–you know who to call ;)

  4. Jessica Sims

    I just found your blog- how fun! I hope you had a great birthday and would love to get together for lunch and catch up soon!


  5. love the list! I am totally inspired to write my own.

    With the photoshop course — does it have to be a pro. course, if not, I’d love to give you your own private session! :)

    I think I’ll at some point have a “RED” party just for you (and you will plan it, of course) and you can wear a red dress to that.

    • Oh, Becca. Your photoshop skills are so good! I’d be flattered! Also, a red dress party! You’re brilliant! It should be girls only and we should all have to wear a red dress. We’d all feel fabulous!

  6. Lori

    Tash, I love your list! So fun and everything on it is totally do-able! I would love to be your partner on some of them!

  7. Mom

    Let’s start planning the PCH trip asap :)
    Such a fun list I want to attend the red dress party!

  8. Dorothy

    Love your list. There is not one thing that you can not do. Your red dress reminds me of when I took you shopping to buy your first “Sunday ” shoes. That was all you wanted was RED SHOES, age three. As you didn’t have anything that would go with red, I talked you into Black Patent leather. Oh, Oh, maybe you have had a repressed desire for red all these years.

  9. Tash! I say you get some girls together…fly to California and we can cruise up PCH, drink an expensive bottle of wine at a winery, and do all this while wearing a red dress! I also know a pretty fun belly-dancing class and Zumba class if you ever make your way to LA.

    Glad I was with you to celebrate your birthday! xoxo

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  11. Mom

    I love Kali’s thinking. Let’s start planning :D

  12. Cody Oppermann

    Come to Nebraska (I know, not as cool as the “PCH”…), but we’ll take care of that cow milking and then some.

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