Tip Jar: Keep Your Duvet in Place

The Tipster has oodles of tips coming your way but this one is all my own!

It took me a long time to convince Doug that a duvet cover was a good idea. He had a valid concern:  the duvet would get all jumbled up inside that cover. But I gave these handy little gadgets a try and they really quieted his bantering! (At least regarding duvet covers.)

Want to anchor that duvet in place?  First, pick up a set of these duvet clips at Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Second, flip your duvet cover inside out and spread your duvet on top of it.

Third, slip both corners inside the teeth of the clip and clamp the clip closed.

It should look like this:

Last, flip both right side in again.

I’ve found that these clips work great. In fact, they’re even Doug-approved!

Anyone else use these?  Or is a good shake enough to even out your duvet cover?



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9 responses to “Tip Jar: Keep Your Duvet in Place

  1. Lauren

    I love the look of duvets, but hated the crumpling! I didn’t even know these existed!

  2. Mom

    I had no idea either! That is a cool tool. Our problem is the duvet is larger than the actual down comforter so I have excess duvet. It kinda bugs me!

  3. Marilyn

    Comforter/Duvet covers are often bigger than the duvet equivalent making it essential to use comforter/duvet clips. Handy Accents Duvet Clips are handcrafted and attach to the outside corners. Additional clips can be used along the sides and pillow top area. My queen size cover is about 3″ longer than the duvet on each side. I attached extra clips on the sides and it really looks good. Handy Accents Duvet Clips come in a variety of colors and designs. They’re available online at http://www.handyaccents.com

  4. jtmm

    I purchased the Handy Accents Clips and they did not work for me at all. Furthermore, the seller does not send refunds for returns, only replaces defective clips. If they do not work for you, like they didn’t work for me, you will be out the $$$…not a pleasant place to be.


  5. Linda

    Theoretically these would work but mine are always coming loose while I try to turn the cover outside-in. I used safety pins the last time, but I think I’m going to sew some ties on the cover and the duvet for the future.

  6. Alma

    I’ve tried all of these from bed bath and beyond and none work. I lose sleep over this! Haha! Does any one else have a better method?

  7. Large safety pins or (preferably) diaper pins!
    I’ve never seen these clips before and don’t totally understand how to use them. Do you leave them ON?
    I lay my duvet cover on the bed with the duvet on top of it.
    Then I feed one corner of the duvet into the cover to the farthest corner and, from the outside, fasten it with a diaper pin.
    Then the next far corner, same thing.
    Then just pile the rest of the duvet into the cover.
    Grab the each of the corners closest to you (one at a time obviously) and push it into the applicable corner and fasten with pin.
    When all 4 corners are fastened, just shake the whole thing out, holding from one side and then another (if necessary). It fills out everything perfectly with no lumps and bumps.
    Finally, take the diaper pins off!
    Easy Peasy!

  8. Thank you so much! I ordered these clips because our duvet keeps getting bunched up inside the cover. I tried adding ribbon ties in the corners but it slips out of them somehow. The clips arrived with zero instructions and I had no idea how to attach them! We just put them in and now I guess we will find out if they work. Thanks for showing me how to use them!

  9. I sewed grograin ribbons on all four corners on the inside seam of the duvet cover, about 12″ folded in half. I tie the two ribbon ends around the corner of the comforter and make a bow. It holds everything in place.

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