Tip Jar: Clean Your Toothbrushes

Today our anonymous tipster shares a clever tip to keep our toothbrushes in tip-top condition until replacement time.

Image found here.

If you’re like me, your family’s toothbrushes start looking pretty gross from toothpaste buildup.  When you run your dishwasher this weekend, throw them in.  Get crazy and throw your toothbrush holder in there as well.  They’ll come out squeaky clean.  And so will your teeth.

What else do you put in the dishwasher?  Is our anonymous tipster really anonymous?



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4 responses to “Tip Jar: Clean Your Toothbrushes

  1. Lauren

    My grandpa always washes his hats in the dishwasher, but he has a fancy hat cage that he puts them in first so they keep their shape. Seems to work well!

  2. Mom

    Good idea to kill bacteria on the toothbrush! This is kinda on the same page maybe, Holly said she washed her whites (laundry) with dishwasher soap (like cascade) and they are really brighter! Interesting! I have been known to put kids toys in the dishwasher great at getting the germs of of dishwasher safe toys!

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