Savor the Summer: Another Fresh Flower Arrangement

Our house is under construction.  Where there once was a dated fireplace there now stands a bunch of drywall and screws . . . but soon there will be a sleek new mantel and tile surround.  Stay tuned for the big details!

With furniture stuffed against the walls and with wires strewn about, I am craving a sense of normalcy.  Maybe it just looks silly amidst such chaos,  but I’m trying to savor summer as long as possible by bringing in fresh flowers on the cheap.

As I told you here, I use single bud vases that provide total support for a stem or two of a pretty flower.  And as I told you here, I had a great time at the antique mall.  I showed you a lot of pretty goods but not the one item I bought:

I’m totally diggin’ milk glass these days and this wine decanter caught my eye immediately.  The price tag? $12.  Sold! It wasn’t until I got home that I realized it would be perfect for a single-bud bouquet.

Look at these pretty buds! When I think about how the new fireplace is still under construction, I look at this exotic flower and pretend I’m on an island somewhere where people don’t need fireplaces.

Has anyone tried my single-bud vase tip? I’ll have more flower displays to reveal soon.  In fact, I just got word that a fancy-schmancy corporate building downtown totally subscribes to my theory.  I’ll be sneaking in soon for pictures!



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5 responses to “Savor the Summer: Another Fresh Flower Arrangement

  1. Mom

    Fancy-schmancy huh? You crack me up. That is a totally hip decanter! Where did you get those pretty lilies? Very cool!

  2. Hailey

    Lily’s make everything better! I can’t wait to see your mantle redo, as we will be embracing that project in the coming months as well. I am thinking of going this route in the new house:
    But I might have to use your mantel for a little inspiration as well! Post progress pictures soon!

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