Antique Mall Eye Candy

I love the thrift stores but have never been inside an antique store.  It seemed a little, well, uppity.  A nameless blogger I read once wrote that she recently went “antiquing.”  It made me laugh.  For purposes of this post, I think it’s important that I give my initial definition of the term “antiquing.”

antiquing: walking through an expensive antique store while wearing a gaudy amount of costume jewelry and using a magnifying glass to look at a  case of emerald brooches recovered from the Titanic.

Suffice it to say the regular ole thrift stores have been fine for me.  But when I stumbled upon an antique store by complete accident, I checked my gut and went in. (Check out Capital City Antique Mall at 959 S. West Temple. )

I may have been in an antique store but I did not go antiquing.   I didn’t stroll through the aisles with an eye for a rare piece or to make a quick buck off a cheap find.   I thought the same things I think at the thrift store:

  • Wow that’s pretty.
  • What’s that thing for?
  • Ooops! Thank goodness I caught it before it hit the ground.

And guess what? I didn’t feel out of place!  I spent about an hour inside and I saw some really neat things.  It was actually a good history lesson.  I took some photos but I only  had my camera phone, so the quality isn’t as good as it could have been.  Here are a few pics of my favorite finds:

Look at these hip roller skates.  What year do you think these were produced? There’s no way those flimsy little straps could secure my feet to wheels. I’d be on my booty in no time.

How about this awesome old school camera? (On the left.) Party planners are using vintage cameras like crazy lately.  In the photo on the right, party planners displayed vintage cameras and encouraged partygoers to pick one and start shooting. (How cool that they were all working!)

Image on the right found here.

How about this charming typewriter on the left?  These are also widely used by party planners these days. The bride and groom in the wedding on the right used a typewritten memo – still fresh in the paper table – to list the guests’ dining assignments.

Image on the right found here.

There were several vintage fans for sale but this one was the most captivating.  I think this would look fantastic in a living room, bedroom or study.

How fun would this doll case be for a Barbie birthday party?

I love this carnival target and love that it could be incorporated in almost any party.  But, really, how fantastic would it be in a circus birthday? Sigh.

I bought one item, which I’ll show ya’ll soon, for $12.  Not as expensive as I thought, eh?  It’s always a good thing to leave your biases at the door and I’m glad I did that fateful Saturday. Now that I’m over myself, where’s the best “antiquing”?



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4 responses to “Antique Mall Eye Candy

  1. Dorothy

    Loved the pictures. I grew up with a pair of those skates. They had a skate key which served to adjust the skates in width to clamp on your shoes as well as length as your feet grew. They actually worked very well as were quite stable as they had four wheels as opposed to todays inline skates. Even the skates at the Roller rink had four wheels. What do they have now?

  2. Mom

    Love the fan and old cameras, cool! I think the skates now have the wheels built into the bottom of the shoes or inline skates.

  3. Mom

    You totally crack me up! I just re-read this cause it is what I like to do, glad you caught the item before it hit the floor by the way. Funny stuff right there! I like thrift stores and antique stores but there is one thing about them that keeps me from going in, do you know what it is?

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