Help Name the New Garden

After the Behemoth of 2009, I told Doug we needed to bring this whole “garden” thing down a notch.  Doug, we can’t weed it all.  Doug, we don’t have time to pick them all.  But Daaaaaaahhh uggggg!

Okay, okay. I didn’t whine.  But I did make a respectful request.  Tone it back? Just a bit?

Doug, such a sneaky little devil, started planting when I was away.  When I came back, the yet-to-be-named Garden of 2010 looked like this:

And then a few weeks later, it looked like this:

And now it looks like this:

Before the season began, I had two demands:  1) Fewer tomato plants.  2) The tomato plants must be caged.  It was so sad to see tomato plants laying down in the dirt last year, tomatos rotting away without any support. I suggested we cut the number of plants by, say, half?  We’d still have 15 or so.

When Doug walked in with tomato cages, I jumped for joy. Honey! Won’t this be great? How many do you have there? 25? Well, 25 is better than how many we had last year.  Go forth and conquer.

Now, when Doug walked in with more tomato cages, I did not jump for joy.  I did not jump at all.  I used my lawyering skills to corner him into the answer:  he’d purchased 25 additional cages.

That’s right folks.  Doug has planted about 50 tomato plants in our backyard.

If I thought last year was a “behemoth,” what is this?  Consider this a call for suggestions.



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7 responses to “Help Name the New Garden

  1. eek, you better get some fantastic salsa recipes! I’d call this the revenge of the killer tomatoes.

  2. Dorothy

    I hope you are sharing. It’s a good way to get to know neighbors. You could set up a sidewalk stand:)

    • Our elderly neighbor next door loved eating the tomatoes from our garden last year. But I think this year we’re going to have to venture out further!

  3. Mom

    Maybe you could donate all your tomatoes to Spain for there annual Tomato fight! ha ha

  4. Lori

    I like tomatoes! ;) What else you got growing in there? :) Ha ha!

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