Repurpose Your Shoe Boxes

I was recently forced to replace some shoes.  I say “replace” because I never have extra shoes on hand just because they’re pretty.  I think shoes merely serve a purpose and there’s nothing at all exciting about them.

So replace them I did and it left me with a handful of shoe boxes. I was very aware that these were just shoe boxes, but I still couldn’t shake the need to keep them around.  After all, I’m always looking for ways to organize and compartmentalize.

But they weren’t very pretty.  (Funny that I’m more concerned that my storage bins are pretty than if my shoes are.)  I had two options.  1) Go buy some pretty organizers.  2) Make these boxes pretty. This was no difficult choice.  I used the paint I had leftover from my dresser redo to spruce these babies up.  After two coats of Asparagus paint and some free labels I found here, I had this:

Now I’m storing bedsheets in them.  Each box is labeled with which bed the sheets fit and whether the sheets are flat or fitted.

Have you ever turned trash into treasure?

*Bonus: In Friends, how many categories of towels does Monica have? (I realize towels aren’t the same as sheets but they are both linens that must be separated in the linen closet.)



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10 responses to “Repurpose Your Shoe Boxes

  1. Mom

    Those are adorable! You could store anything in them you wanted. I have to admit our sheets are an utter mess here just hanging out in a closet. I have to check the labels EVERYTIME to see what we have and that gets quite annoying! Cute labels by the way!! I am inspired to organize the linen closet. CUTE :)

  2. Mom

    About the “Friends” episode, is it 17 categories of towels?

  3. Dorothy

    Wow, cute boxes. I have always used shoe boxes to store things in, but I never thought of painting them. I have on occasion used scraps of contact paper to cover them. Right now I just have undecorated ones. I have used them to separate kitchen drawers for utensils as well as extra toiletries. I like your idea for sheets, but that inspires me to think about tablecloths as I never know which size is which without pulling them off the shelf.

  4. Kali

    love your creative ideas Tash!

    oh and it’s 11 categories…(everyday use, guest, fancy guest….your time is running out…uh I don’t know 11? 11 is correct!)

  5. Lauren

    Oh, just realized Kali beat me ;)

  6. plastic and storage bins are both great, if i want a more durable storage bins then i would opt for steel storage bins “:~

  7. Kaija Vuori

    Isn’t it eleven? Lol and this is perfect, just got new shoes!

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