Tip Jar: Best Way to Pre-Treat Laundry

Your regular ole’ pre-treatment regimen leaving stains instead of obliterating them? Our mystery tipster knows what’s missing….

Two words: Fels Naptha.

Image found here.

Stain removing is easy with fels naptha.  Buy the bar on the laundry aisle.  Spray your clothing with your ordinary ole stain remover – Shout, Spray-n-Wash, whatever floats your boat.  Then rub the bar on the stained area.  (The woman on the Fels Naptha website merely wets the bar in water before scrubbing but, naturally, our Tipster goes above and beyond.) Scrub the area with a clean nail brush and wash.

Celebrate your clean clothes!

Image here.

Our Tipster has even more Fels Naptha fun in the works.  Stay tuned for homemade laundry detergent that uses – you guessed it! – Fels Naptha.

How do you treat stains? And more importantly, who needs the most stain treatment in your household? I hate to say it but I need about 75 percent and Doug uses only about 25 percent.  Why do I keep buying white shirts?



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5 responses to “Tip Jar: Best Way to Pre-Treat Laundry

  1. Hmmm. I’ve never heard of that product before. I might pick some up. We use Zout, which can be a pain in the butt to find (usually at Target). When Bunny was a baby, it got out 99% of whatever she could barf up, but it did sometimes leave a stain. It has also, on several occassions, gotten things like grape juice and blood out. So, it’s my favorite. For whatever reason, it is incompetent when it comes to chocolate.

  2. Mom

    I know I like the price of it compared to other spray on stain removers!

  3. Dorothy

    I love the Spray and Wash prewash STICK. I keep it where I change clothes so that I can rub it on any spots as I change. If the spot seems to have soaked through the fabric I rub it on both sides of the fabric than just put in the clothes hamper. The spots come out when washed. Fels Naptha is a old product that has been around as long as I can remember. It was used when there weren’t any other chooses for removing spots.

  4. Mom

    I, like Ms. Fine noticed a stain left on the fabric by the actual stain removing product (zout) if I pre-treated say a few hours before washing the item the stain would be gone but a larger stain from the zout would be on the clothes very frustrating! I have used the spray and wash stick in the past but I am going to give it a try like Dorothy before tossing the dirty spot into the hamper, good idea!

  5. Kesha

    In my opinion the best pretreatment for stains is My Clean Shirt. This stuff treats all of the common clothing satins and works great. The best part is that they ship it with this thing they call the “Matrix” and it tells you how to treat all of the different stains with the product. It’s really easy to use and I bought a jar like six months ago and it is still half full (I have 2 kids and a husband that can’t keep a shirt clean to save his life, and don’t get me started on his ring around the collar issues).

    Anyway I hope this information helps. The website is http;//www.mycleanshirt.com

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