The $12 Chair Makes Photos Priceless!

Remember last week I debuted that awesome thrift store chair that I painted for my photographer friend?

See it all here.

Well, Becca, aforementioned photographer, took it to the Salt Flats to photograph this happy couple below.  And the results? Pure bliss.  (And I’m not just taking about the bride and groom.)

Image courtesy of Rouge de Lys Photography.

Look at this happy couple!

The setup is even stunning with out the chair’s red hue!

Image courtesy of Rouge de Lys Photography.

I’d like to think I saved this humble little chair from its ignored life in the thrift store.  With just a little makeover, I brought him into a world full of happiness and love in every photo! (Okay, okay.  Becca helped out, too.)

Can’t get enough of Becca’s work?  Me either!  Look at these beauties below or visit her at

Ya’ll already know this handsome man!  We welcomed him here.

All three images courtesy of Rouge de Lys Photography.

I can’t say I’ll be painting any more photography props but, hey, who knows?  Any ideas?



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3 responses to “The $12 Chair Makes Photos Priceless!

  1. Mom

    Love seeing all those pictures. The chair is so cute! I do love that picture of Cole he is adorable!!

  2. Dorothy

    Love the pictures, Love the blog, Love the AUTHOR!

  3. Lori

    Good job Tash! And I too, love that pic of Cole! Also, the one of Weston is darling too!

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