Easy Fresh Flowers at Home

Fresh flowers are an easy way to lift spirits and brighten your space.  But, honestly, who uses fresh flowers these days?  The only fresh flower arrangements I see in the media are by the Martha Stewart types who produce arrangements like these:

Images here.

Who are these people?

But there are times that I would like to cut something out of our yard or pick up a bouquet and display it indoors. As I began planning parties, I found I could stick tall things in single bud vases. Why couldn’t I do the same with one tall flower?

I realize that this isn’t a particularly novel break through.  But it rocked my world when I realized I could use fresh flowers without the fuss. Perhaps some of you haven’t walked this way either.  For those of you like me,  I’m here to help.

Especially helpful to me this summer have been three short vases I picked up at Ikea for $2.99 each.  They are featured in the summer section and were perfect for some ideas I had for party decor.

Available at Ikea here.

I picked up a $3.99 bouquet of interesting flowers at Harmons and cut them down to a good height.  Fascinating flowers, really – they felt like tissue paper and sprouted yellow buds for several days.  As an added bonus, they lasted about 3 weeks! Any idea what they are?

I had so many left over that I tried to be a Martha type and put them in another small Ikea vase.  I cut them all the same size in hopes they would stand up on their own.  It wasn’t a complete success but it wasn’t a complete failure either.

Since I started the single-bud-vase revolution in our house, I’ve been noticing oodles of vases for sale that may help us non-Marthas construct our indoor “bouquets.”  Look at these lovelies:

Image location lost, my apologies.

Available here.

Available here.

They’re stunning, of course, but for now I’m sticking with my cheap-o Ikea decor.

Okay, in all honesty, does anyone use fresh flowers?



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2 responses to “Easy Fresh Flowers at Home

  1. Mom

    I never do, use fresh flowers that is. But I would like to but I feel I don’t know how. I like the idea of just sticking one flower in it’s allotted space and calling it good. Those are super cute and easy when you don’t have to figure out were to put them in an arrangement. I may just give that a whirl.

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