Tip Jar: De-Skunk Your Dog

Oh, friends.  This is a post I wish I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to write.  Unfortunately, I have now discovered the antidote to neutralize that putrid skunk smell.

We celebrated the Fourth of July with friends at a beautiful campground.  We slept in the back of the truck and kept Jack with us so he wouldn’t run after critters.  (Genius, right?) We also had him tied on a rope to the back of the truck so if he needed to relieve himself.

At about 3:30 a.m. he did, in fact, need to relieve himself.  Doug and I got out, too, because we were crammed in so tightly that we all had to move if one of us moved.

As soon as we all parted ways, Jack growled and bolted away.  I expected him to catch at the end of the rope and yelp big time.  There was no yelp.  There was only the sound of the rope breaking off the truck.

He returned, silently, almost as fast as he vanished.  I was still away from Doug and him, but I heard Doug whisper-yelling that he was skunked. (You know whisper-yelling? That tone of voice you use when you don’t want to wake anyone up but you want to tell something to someone far away?)

And skunked he was.  He was rubbing up on anything he could – including Doug, his dog bed, etc.  When we finally found the flashlight, you could see total gunk and wetness around his eyeball.  Worst of all, he stunk something awful.  Yes, yes, you’ve all smelled skunk when you were driving down some rural road.  But that is nothing like a skunked dog standing two feet from you.  It’s indescribable. Especially in the dark at 3:30 a.m. in the pitch black.

The 24 hour veterinarian suggested this mixture:

1 small bottle hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup baking soda

1-2 tsp dish soap

It was Doug’s idea to call the 24 hour vet – not mine.  I swear.

First, find a grocery store that is open at 5 a.m. on a holiday weekend.  Then mix the concoction and apply only to the stanky area! If you apply everywhere you will spread the smell. (Lesson learned the hard way over here.)  Avoiding the eyes and nose, rub it in and let it sit for five minutes.

To tomato juice or not to tomato juice?

Everyone will tell you tomato juice is the way to go.  (This includes the 24 hour clerk at Rite-Aid.)  So we used that, too.  After two rounds of the vet’s antidote, Doug drenched Jack in tomato juice.  (Pour guy. It was not a warm morning and he got rinsed by the hose three times.)

After I slept for a bit, I found Jack laying outside, obviously humiliated, with a distinctive red hue to his black coat. His fur was all gunky because I don’t think Doug got it all rinsed out.  (This obviously meant another regular old bath.)

Jack, who is usually very perky, obviously knew he’d been beat.

It’s been a good 36 hours and he only smells when you get up close and smell his snout.

How have you de-skunked your pet? Or worse, you?  What’s the best way to go?



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4 responses to “Tip Jar: De-Skunk Your Dog

  1. Dorothy

    No Words Of wisdom from me, but thanks for making my day. You have such a great way with words that I feel like I was a witness to the event. This is something you will be retelling for years to come. Keep smiling!

  2. Lauren

    Oh no! Poor Jack!

  3. Mom

    Poor Jack ! He looks about as low as a dog can get. I can see the humiliation on his face :( Sad and quite funny at the same time. Red is usually a lovely accent color just not in this case. Good tip on the concoction though. 24 hour hot-line, of course Doug would know this!

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