Past Party: Thing 1 Thing 2 First Birthday Party

My sister has beautiful twin girls who just turned one.  Props to her for surviving their first year! The girls have oodles of loving family and friends, all of whom my sister wanted around to celebrate their big day.  I gave her suggestion boards of all the ideas I’d put together and she whittled it down to one:   Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.

Now, in all fairness, I’m not the first person to use this theme.  Several party planners had rocked it and showed off their images.  But I was so excited she picked this theme because I am loving the combination of light blue and red in all contexts – parties, weddings, clothing, etc.

My sister tackled the invites all on her own.  Using Mama Judd’s scrapbook tools, she created the invitation.

Pardon the poor quality of this iPhone photo.

The girls, of course, had to be dressed to kill.  I used iron-on fabric paper to create a Thing 1 and Thing 2 logo for the front of basic white onesies.  My sister decided that Thing 1 would be the first baby out – so as to prevent any arguing when they were older.  (Thinking ahead, that one!)  I ordered iron-on appliques of the Cat in the Hat for a little flair on the buttocks.  The tutus I made during a long road trip.  They weren’t as pretty as they could have been – oh, if I could only sew! – but they definitely had an impact.  Those stinkin’ kids are adorable.

Sewing would have also helped me create those crowns.  I can embroider, which was sufficient for this project, but I can see how a sewing machine could really go above and beyond.  I created the crowns using two pieces of felt, ironed together with fusible backing, and stitched around the edges.  I also used that fusible backing for the letters on the front. You can find a template here.

Apparently the girls didn’t think the crowns were as fabulous as I did.  We couldn’t keep them on their heads.

I wanted to make an impact from the moment the guests arrived so I created pinwheels for the entrance to the party.  There are several tutorials out there but I chose the easy way out.  I didn’t drill a hole through a dowel or anything fancy like that.  I just wrapped the pin around the dowel. Voila.  The pinwheels didn’t spin but I was more concerned that they were pretty. It wasn’t windy that day anyway, so it must have been meant to be.

In the foyer we displayed a memory board of pictures of the girls’ first year.  I bought an old cork board at the thrift store for $4 and covered it with fabric.  Around the board we displayed photos of the girls’ first birthday professional photo shoot.

I covered the tables in aqua blue cloths and adorned them with red spots of all different sizes.  Mama Judd really comes in handy with her scrapbook tools for anything using paper.

I did different centerpieces for each table. One used ostrich feathers and another used fake Gerber daisies.

I found some unique inspiration for the third centerpiece. These hip-looking orbs are actually Christmas tree ornaments that were 75 percent off at a closing Roberts’ store.  I balanced them (poorly) on Ikea candle holders.

Sprinkled throughout the ceiling were clumps of tissue paper pom poms.  We also had a banner we made using Mama Judd’s Cricut.  It said: “We are 1!”

On the fireplace we displayed a hat I created from poster board and wooden letters of the girls’ initials from the craft store that we painted to match our color scheme.

In the corner we played the original movie version of Cat in the Hat. (Doug’s technological brilliance is also key to my party planning success.)  If you haven’t watched the original film before, sit down and enjoy.  It’s 20 minutes of pure hilarity.

Each of the cousins received party favors.  I wrapped kites in aqua blue paper with red initials for their names.  The kites were inspired by the part of the book where Thing 1 and Thing 2 fly their kites throughout the house and make a big mess.

I placed a lollipop display near the food spread.  This cool red vase was also a Christmas section discount item.  Score!

Guests ate pretty cookies, but the birthday girls needed cake! Each got her very own cupcake, which was topped with cotton candy to resemble the crazy blue hair of Thing 1 and Thing 2.

To date, this is the party I’m most pleased with.  It is also, however, the party on which I’ve had the most time to plan.

Which is better: the original or Mike Myers Cat in the Hat film?



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17 responses to “Past Party: Thing 1 Thing 2 First Birthday Party

  1. Mom

    Love it, love it, love it!!

    • Lory

      Hey there, I have b/g twins and I was wondering if you still had the outfits, I would to purchase them from you….Let me know my number is 614-570-1352 or you can email me at I just love what you did, I think your a fabulous mom and I don’t even know you…..

  2. Cid

    SO GREAT!!! Tash, you really out did yourself with this party. It was so amazing, and I wish the girls could remember how great their first birthday was. I really don’t know how to ever thank you for it. It was beautiful!!

  3. Dorothy

    Loved the party idea. You are so creative. Those girls might not remember the party, but they’ll love seeing their pictures and know they have a family who loves them.

  4. Bruce

    Your’s is #1 of course! The original movie is #2.. Mike Myers drops to dead last.

  5. Lori

    Such a cute idea! Such a creative little mind you have Tash!

  6. Rachel

    Did you make the tissue paper pom poms or did you buy them somewhere? Looks like a cheaper alternative to the paper lanters, and I want something big and colorful to hang…very nice job on the party and all the creative detail ideas, I am combining ideas from different sites for my twin baby shower

  7. candle holders that are made of porcelain or brass are very nice looking but a bit expensive compared to cast iron`:.

  8. you don’t need party planners if you are just going to hold a very small party for your personal friends -“*

  9. Candice

    I LOVE the whole theme! You did an amazing and creative job. I am planning on doing this theme for my twin girls in Feb. I was looking at the invitations and wondering where you got the thing 1 thing 2 paper from? Also I really like the banner idea, is that just craft paper or plates? I can’t tell from the picture. Thanks a bunch!

    • Hi Candice! Thanks for your sweet note. The banner is just craft paper I bought at a scrapbook store. As far as the invitations, the images are just cut out in circles and put on some printed paper from the scrapbook store. Let me know how your party goes!

  10. Beautifully done. I love the decorations, vases, kites, invites –well, pretty much everything. You did a Seusstastic Job! I’m adding a link to this post on my blog where I collect Dr. Seuss party & decor ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Your cupcakes turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing the party with me, it is awesome. -kitchen doughdough :)

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  13. Ronda Smith

    I love this. So neat and creative. I have twins and I’m trying to find ideas so this is a help to me. Thank you and God bless you

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