Past Party: “Wild About Cole” Baby Shower

Another in my “Past Party” series, this is the party that started it all…

My best friend just had her first baby, a son named Cole.  (Such a handsome lil’ bugger, I might add!)  When she found out she was pregnant,  I could hardly contain my excitement.   I knew I needed to throw her a baby shower special enough for such a special little man.

I had never thrown a baby shower before. Actually, I hadn’t really thrown any party before.  So I set out to Google.  I had no idea how vast the word of party planning is!  This is what started my love affair with Hostess with the Mostess and pretty much every other party planning blog written in English.

We settled on a jungle/safari theme and I came up with a catchphrase: Wild About Cole.

I was dead set on creating a passport invitation.  Without Photoshop skills, however, it took me a very long time to create a look I was pleased with.   (In fact, learning how to use Photoshop is one of the items on my 30 Before 30 list, which I’ll reveal soon.)  But after much tinkering, the invite was complete.

It pains me so to have to block out the personal information! Just trust me – it was so lovely!

Guests were greeted with safari balloons:

The tables were anchored with vases full of sand with feathers and straw.

In hindsight, I wish I would have planned initially on three tables.  I would have incorporated burnt orange runners on each of the white round tables.

I used basic ole’ scrapbook paper as placemats.  Fantastic zebra plates were topped with orange giraffes and rafia strings. I was very impressed with the strength of those plates! Doug made sure I knew that wimpy plates are, well, wimpy.

I used burlap and scrapbook paper to create a banner that said “Wild About Cole.”

My apologies for the dark photo.

Our nearby bakery made a beautiful and tasty cake. Genius!

Guests left with “souvenirs” – cookie cutters in the shapes of jungle animals.

The BFF and I both agreed to keep games to a minimum.  She is a huge celebrity gossip nut, so she prepared a matching game with celebrities and their baby names.  I told her not to do a game for her own party but she insisted.  That is how much the nut loves celebrity trivia.

We also played Price is Right with bidding exclusively focused on baby care products. (Credit due to my brilliant aunt on this one.)   It was such a hit! I MCed the event in my best Price is Right voice. Each guest wrote down her estimate and the one with the closest value, without going over, won a prize. The baby item went to Lori.

I’m pretty sure the ladies had a good time and I think the BFF was pleased. I know I was p.u.m.p.e.d to plan another party when all was said and done.

I even started a trend with this shower! Well, maybe I didn’t start it but I was sure there when it happened.  The Hostess Blog posted about a jungle theme baby shower just a few weeks after mine.  You can read it here.

This party officially gave me the party planning bug! Now I can hardly wait for that little man to turn one so I can throw him a huge extravaganza!

Do you enjoy or dread baby showers? How can I plan future showers that make people want to come?


P.S. Want to see Cole’s “Wild Wild One” cowboy first birthday party? Click here.



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14 responses to “Past Party: “Wild About Cole” Baby Shower

  1. Mom

    Let me be honest here, at first when you mentioned to me a BABY shower using a passport type theme I thought it was a little weird! After you described your plans and showed me the invite, decor, etc. I was blown away by how ingenious the whole idea truly was!! And I am not just saying that because you are my daughter it really was a great party idea!! The invites were so clever, when you think passport theme party you first think weddings, you meshed it together skillfully. Kudos to ya!

  2. Lori

    Oh it makes me so happy to see the whole shin-dig again!! It was so much fun and truly made me and the little man feel so special!! Believe me, he felt special! :) You truly spoiled us Tash! I am so happy that this sparked your interest in party planning, the world would be a much less festive place without you planning parties! Plus, with a lifetime of birthdays for the little man, we’re going to need to keep you around! ;)

    • Thanks Lor! It really was so fun to do it for you. I’m lucky to have such a great BFF. I love the lil’ man and can’t wait til his first birthday! Paarrr-tayyy.

  3. Amy

    LOVE the passport invites! very creative!

  4. Hey there girl! I didn’t realize you had a blog! Me too! I sent you an invitation. Can’t wait to be able to follow your life a little more closely. Have I told you lately how adorable you are? I love you! Becky

  5. Love the light blue. Everything looks great. The cake is to die for!

  6. Cid

    I freakin’ love this theme!!! So great! I haven’t been to many showers, but I would come to one of yours just to see the fantastic decor!!

  7. Lori’s shower turned out so cute! I love the jungle theme and all your creative additives!

  8. Dorothy

    This is too cute! I love it! You are soooooo creative.

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