Let the sun blast down on my grass. Pretty please.

In my second prayer to the sun gods today, I hereby beg for the sun to shine directly on – and with all its might – our yard.  This pesky weather has caused all sorts of turmoil in our gardening attempts, including the sprouting of some very unwelcome fungi in our otherwise green and happy lawn.

I hate to concede any points to the ‘shrooms, but word is that they are actually beneficial to the lawn. Their big root system helps break down organic materials so that nutrients are more easily released to the grass.

Perhaps you’re thinking, what’s the big deal, lady? You’re getting extra nutrients. Well, we have a hairy mutt named Jack that eats grass regularly.  We think he knows that mowing a big yard is lots of work and he wants to help out.  And in addition to grass, he will eat any and everything else he gets his big jowls on – sticks, rocks, leaves, etc.  I have no reason to believe mushrooms are not equally appealing.


Unfortunately, authorities on the subject are clear:  Dogs + fungi = bad news.  Even just licking one can make him sick.  “They” say that parasol-shaped mushrooms and small brown mushrooms are the most threatening to canines.  Well, swell.  Aren’t ours small, brown, parasol-shaped mushrooms? And it doesn’t help that we’ve been ignorantly kicking them out of the yard.  This act spreads the spores, which will create even more parasol-shaped monsters.

So our only plan of action is this:  Reduce the moisture.  Well, duh.  We can only turn off our sprinklers and wait for the sun to shine.  We also need to dig up the existing fungi and  check for new sprouts each morning before we let Jack out.  Yeah, that’ll happen.

In short, we are completely at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Have you found any way to rid the yard of mushrooms when the sun goes away? Any tricks to keeping a inquisitive dog away from them?



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5 responses to “Let the sun blast down on my grass. Pretty please.

  1. Lauren

    I am glad to learn about mushrooms and dogs! No bueno! Thankfully Willow just sniffs them, hasn’t tried to eat one yet, but now I will veer away!

    …she did however try to eat a bird’s egg this morning…gross!

    • Ew! Jack hasn’t had the same opportunity, though, so I can’t say he wouldn’t do the same. We should hit Tanner sometime?

      • Lauren

        Yes! We were actually thinking of going to Tanner this Saturday mid-morning – 10ish? Sometime before it gets too hot.

  2. Mom

    Well, I am glad to learn that kicking them actually spreads them. Because, when I see them that is exactly what I do to them.. I had better keep an eye on Joe to make sure she is not eating them either.

  3. Dorothy

    We use to have a lot of mushrooms at the old house. I was told that it was caused from buried debry that was rotting under the soil ( wood etc. )from when we finished building the house and just brought in top soil and leveled it. I never could get rid of them. Your right about too much water encouraging them to sprout. our dogs never seemed to be bothered from them. by the way, I just found your blog site and I love it.

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