The Dresser Diaries: Part I of 2

The first memory I have of The Dresser is when I was 12 – nearly 16 years ago.  It was circa 1990, obviously, and made of a purple-pinkish plywood.  I’ve continued stuffing keeping my clothes in The Dresser ever since.

Here is one of the handles.  It doesn’t look purple-pinkish, but you’ll have to trust me since I didn’t take a “before” picture.

Even now that I live with Doug, I still use The Dresser. I never really noticed that it was pinkish-purple. I admire the couple behind Young House Love, who refinished a veneer dresser on their web site here.  YHL led me to other blogs and before I knew it, it seemed like everyone who was anyone was painting their own furniture.

What’s the big deal? I could do that. (Insert foreshadowing evil cackle here.) Here’s how I went about it:

1) Sand it.

According to the DIY experts, the first step is to sand.  Always one to follow the instructions, I’ll sand! I sanded away using Doug’s hand sander.  Sanding, check.

2) Pick a paint color.

I used an outdoor fabric for my muse.  It is sturdy and strong, which is perfect for my desk re-do, too.  (Details on that later.)

I took my fabric to Home Depot and picked a color, Behr primer+paint product in “Asparagus”.

3) Paint it.

I used a roller brush to coat the dresser evenly in asparagus paint.  I purposely avoided a foam roller, which the DIY experts explicitly forbid. Don’t be alarmed if your first coat leaves some texture!  Coat numero dos looked pretty good – textured but not so much it was a deal breaker.

4) Clear coat it.

At this point, I’ve been without dresser for several weeks (bad DIYer!) and I was soooo eager to have a dresser again.  Even though it was late at night in mid-March, I applied the first clear coat because I was just so excited!

5) Examine it.

In the morning, I was disappointed to find that the clear coat did not dry clear. It was milky. A horrible white creamy color. Can you see it?

That trusty old internet advised that many polyurethane coatings will go milky  if the coating is left to dry in an environment that is too cold. Oh dear.   It was pretty chilly that night in March . . .

6) Do some soul searching.

I spent an evening pitying myself for having no where to put my clothes.  I swooned over the IKEA dressers online and hunted the local classifieds pages.  It’d be so much easier to buy! Having my clothes in random bins scattered throughout the house was slowly eating away at my soul.

I needed a plan and I needed a renewed interest in DIY.  Did I have it in me?  Did I channel my inner DIYer and finish the dresser? Stay tuned for Part II of the Dresser Diaries.

Has anyone else used a primer+paint in one? Rave reviews? Big criticisms?

Update: Ready for Part II? See how the dresser turns out here.



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7 responses to “The Dresser Diaries: Part I of 2

  1. Mom

    I love asparagus, not to mention asparagus color!! Hurry up with the part 2, how does it turn out? I am diying to know if it worked? Can you get that handle back on or are you changing them?

  2. Lori

    I was trying to cheat and see if I could remember if I’d seen this dresser the last time I was at your house….but then I realized I don’t remember the last time I was at your house!! That needs to change pronto! Also, I can verify that you have had that dresser at least since you were 15 (since that’s when I met you) and I do remember it in it’s “before” glory. :)

    • It was so purpleish awful, huh! But why don’t you come over a.s.a.p. and you can see it in its post-paint glory! Although, you can’t get too close or you’ll see all the errors. :)

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