Create a Silhouette . . . of a Pet

Jack, our border collie mix, is part of our family.  Sure, he can bug.  Our living room rug is half frayed from pointy puppy teeth.  But the amount of entertainment we get from him and his unconditional love more than makes up for it.  After all, it’s just a rug.

Creating an Ode to Jack

There are plenty of stunning pieces of art for sale and relatively inexpensive ones, too, at places like Home Goods.  But I often have a difficult time dropping even $30-$50 on something that happened to be in a store the day I was there and that I have no connection with.  In my college days, I spent an unhealthy amount of time thinking about how to get attractive décor that had a direct tie to my personal experiences.  In all honesty, the only thing I could ever think up was a black and white image of my fingerprint all blown up.  Ugh. Feel free to cringe. I am.

Most of our walls at home now are still bare and I struggle with the same problem.  I really need to just get over myself.  But, one of the blogs I read every day, Young House Love, has given me some fantastic inspiration.  I love this montage of art that feels personal and fits the room.  But especially fantastic is the silhouette of their beloved Chihuahua, Burger.  The silhouette is a light-hearted way to pay homage to his familial role!  It reminded me that my mom and her twin brother had one done when they were children back in the 1960s.  They were proudly displayed on my Grandma’s credenza for years. (Mama Judd was five at the time.)

Mama Judd says it could be any kid and that she thinks the photo studio ripped off my Grandma. That Mama Judd cracks me up.

After ogling Burger’s sweet silhouette, I stumbled across another silhouette on Making it Lovely that just warmed my heart.  That’s it, I thought.  It’s time.

A quick trip to the craft store:

2 sheets of black paper (just to be safe) .59 cents each

1 black frame (5.99)

1 background textured piece of paper .99

Making it Lovely gave a fantastic tutorial, but I simply don’t have the computer skills needed there.  (Illustrator? Yeah, no. Exacto knife? Not so exact over here.) So I created my own steps. And just to be clear, these steps can also be used to create a human silhouette.  Just in case there was any confusion. :)

1.  Take the photo and print it on cheap paper.  You have no idea how difficult it is to keep a dog’s head still. I never noticed that Jack moves his head every time he looks in a different direction.

2.  Cut the dog’s silhouette out of the paper.  Try to leave some character – See those crazy hairs? Cut around them!

3.  Trace it (upside down) onto the backside of your black paper.  I did a trial run on a different piece of cardstock to practice my exacto knife skills.  Well, even if the knife is precision like, there is nothing exacto about the way I  employ it.  And guess what? Unless you rock that exacto knife, scissors work just fine.  Don’t be persuaded by the hype.

4. Cut as smoothly as possible.

5. Place as desired on your background paper.

6. Voila!

Any exacto knife pros out there? Do you have any silhouettes in your house?


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One response to “Create a Silhouette . . . of a Pet

  1. Mom

    I love it!! I will say it again, you are clever!!

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