Tip Jar: New Petunia Breed

Petunias are an easy-to-grow annual that even I feel comfortable growing!  And according to our mystery tipster today, there’s a new breed that might be just perfect for your garden.

With only 11 days left until the first day of summer, it’s high time you finished planting those flower beds!  Lucky for you, there’s a new kid on the block that’s sure to impress your summer guests.

Although the name suggests otherwise, the “Pretty Much Picasso” is not a best-selling biography or an abstract art show.  It’s the newest petunia by Proven Winners.  Apparently there are awards given out for petunias and this one is sweeping them all.

Because it is supposed to thrive as a spiller plant – and because I’m not one to be left out – I just planted one in a container on the porch.

So far I’m thrilled with it.  I love the contrast between the purple buds and green edges.  But perhaps best of all, this is supposedly a self-cleaning petunia, meaning no dead-heading is necessary.  (Although, I must admit I enjoy the satisfaction of purging the dead buds.)

For you go-getters: If you don’t want your petunias to run out of steam by late summer, include some slow-release fertilizer when you plant them.

Anyone else planted one yet?  Any criticisms?



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5 responses to “Tip Jar: New Petunia Breed

  1. Lori told me about your blog! I love the title. It’s super creative. AND you are so crafty! I can’t wait to read your blog more! It’s so funny that you brought up the pinwheels, because I already have them made!! Aren’t they so fun?

    P.S. Way to go- going with wordpress. I wish I could change.

    • Well I’ll be watching you for some much-needed guidance! I’m very new at this but am having a fantastic time. I can’t wait to see your son’s birthday carnival. By the way, did you get your pinwheels to actually spin? I sort of had to forgo that part. Ha. Maybe if I need some advice I can email you?

  2. Mom

    I need a good excuse to get to the garden store again. Those are gorgeous!!

  3. Mom

    One more thing, are you sure about the 11 days till summer. I am sure spring barley started.

  4. Dorothy

    Love the petunia. I haven’t seen that one. I like the idea of self cleaning.

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