Sports-Themed Birthday Party

Given that sports are a big deal in my family, it was no surprise that my nephew wanted a sports-themed party for his 10th birthday. (Emphasis on the “big deal in my family” – actually playing sports is not of big concern for me.)  To make sure his party was a ball – pun intended – I got rollin’ early on a party that would make him feel like he’d just scored a touchdown.

The birthday boy entered to air horns so loud they may have permanently deafened me.  We then started to chant his name as we  forced him to run throw a paper sign – just like they do on high school football fields.  Good thing he was wearing that boxing helmet because he didn’t exactly break through on the first run.

Since I wasn’t limiting the party to any specific sport, I needed some cohesive elements to work around.  So I created a make-believe sports team: “Team Jensen,” which was motivated by its blue and yellow colors and had an elk as its mascot.  (The elk, of course, represents Jensen’s love of hunting.  And that is totally a sport in this family’s book.)

Each table needed to represent a different sport so I worked diligently to create unique centerpieces for each.  The football field and the baseball display only cost about $5 each.

I created a third centerpiece display that was my first big craft fail.   I saw a fantastic paper globe idea at Heather Bailey’s site here. See her beautiful globe on the left?  Even with her fantastic step-by-instructions in hand, I still created the sad little globe on the right.

Image found here.

My circles did not match up and my paper was not double sided.  A very unfortunate combination, I found.  The white underside of the paper was too, too obvious.  But since I only ended up needing two tables, I stuffed my paper globe in the corner.  From afar, I think it looked fine.

I envisioned a concessions table but that didn’t really pan out.  I displayed bags of popcorn and water bottles I created for the kids, but I couldn’t find any peanuts in the shells and couldn’t really otherwise develop the idea.

On the table I displayed miniature basketball and baseballs in round vases. I also printed out about 10 different sports players in black and white and put them in plastic frames.  Unfortunately, those frames did not stand up very well so I tried to anchor some with some black stones.  Boo.

I put a vase of arrows in the center of the table to represent archery, one of Jensen’s favorite sports.

These water bottles were a huge hit with the kids.  Total cost? About $3.50 for all 3.

Mama Judd made a basketball cake that was tasty and adorable:

The dollar store supplied the perfect plates and favors for the tableware.

Each of the kids got a package of sports favors, including neck lanyards, basketball-shaped notebooks, and basketball cards.

(I hoped to find small bags that looked like gym bags, but no such luck!)

Everyone came in their sports attire, including Mama and Papa Judd.  Papa Judd dressed as a hunter and Mama Judd as a target.  They were positively thrilled with  themselves.  We also had several football players, a boxer, a skateboarder, a bowler, and numerous Jazz stars.

The party was a hit and I can’t wait for the next one!  If all goes as planned, I’ll plan an intimate bachelorette party in early July and a girl’s birthday party in late July.  I can’t wait!  (Don’t worry about the suspense – I still have several past parties to reveal.  Stay tuned!)

In all seriousness:  If you could throw your inner child a birthday party, what theme would it be? I’ll reveal mine if this post can get a whopping 10 comments.



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14 responses to “Sports-Themed Birthday Party

  1. Bruce

    That’s a party he’ll remember! Okay, this is comment #1.

  2. Mom

    It was a fun sport party!!!
    I loved the little globe it looks just like the one pictured. I think it will be good inspiration for other globe shaped thing-a-ma-jigs you may need in the future :)

  3. Lori

    So, I don’t think the globe looks bad. You’re too hard on yourself. Also, I absolutely love the hunter and target costumes!! No need to think of something for Halloween! :) P.S. What do you have in mind for Cole’s birthday? ;)

  4. Awesome party! Your centerpieces are super cute!

  5. Mom

    I want to know what your inner party theme is…This is like comment #10 right? Reveal please.

  6. Kim

    love a great sports theme! I love how you had him go thru the paper!

    p.s. thanks for the blog luv and leaving your link!

    hugs! Kim @
    party inspiration

  7. Thank you for sharing your party with me! I think you did a wonderful job! So many adorable details!! :) Thanks again, Nancy :)

  8. stephanie

    omgee i love your decorations!!!everything is sooo great!!! im having a 2nd bday for my son and im doing a sports theme to..i dnt kno what to do for centerpieces but ur skills have bought so many ideas :)! good job!

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