Treasure Huntin’

This year I was asked to coordinate the annual scavenger hunt for the kids at Doug’s family reunion.   And because I’m now an avid DIYer, I accepted the mission and started brainstorming immediately.

I typed the clues inside borders offered in Microsoft Word so that they would feel special. I’m always impressed with Word’s features when I actually take the time to look.  I printed the clues on leftover photo paper, which I bought from the dollar store.  8 sheets for a dollar? Yes, please! That’s certainly enough to get me through this project.

To prevent fights among the kids, I placed each clue in an envelope that was sealed with a child’s name. Only the child whose name appeared could open the envelope and read the clue.  It was really fun to watch and see which kids opened the envelope carefully and which tore it down the middle, tearing the clue, too.

One of the clues required the kids to unscramble a word.  The letters were: C H C O U.  Can you unscramble it?

That’s right, it spells “couch.”  Never mind that one of the adults led the kids to the cows.  I had to intervene on that one.

Two of the clues required a decoder:

Martha Stewart’s “Disc Duper” available for download here.

Oh, Martha.  If you were one of my clients, I would totally take craft lessons in lieu of a retainer…

The younger kids struggled with the decoder.  I expected that.  But I really wanted something to slow the process down.  Last year those kids ran through the hunt way too fast.  Plus, this is treasure, right? Nobody just stumbles upon treasure.

Doug had to help me create a treasure chest because spray paint isn’t my thing. (Refer to this debacle here).  We used a dollar-store styrofoam cooler, which melted when it was painted.  But, hey! I think it gave it some character.  Treasure chests have survived years and years of abuse – they certainly won’t look new!

The kids found the booty and I kept them out of their parents’ hair for about 45 minutes.  How’s that for results? A treasure hunter would say, “Ay”. Or, “Arrr.” Actually, I don’t know what a treasure hunter would say.  I’m a lawyer, after all.

Wouldn’t this make a great game at a pirate-themed birthday party? How do you keep kids out of the adults’ hair?



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3 responses to “Treasure Huntin’

  1. Mom

    Cute idea! What exactly was the “booty”?

  2. Mom

    And, the clues are clever!! (I just read them).

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