Tip Jar: Organize your cleaning supplies.

I’ll be posting some around-the-house tips I’ve learned, hopefully with some input from a fabulous mystery guest blogger!  I’ll be calling these tips from the “Tip Jar.”  Do you have some tips for the jar? Contact me!

Don’t tell Doug, but I have a love affair with cleaning supplies.  Unfortunately, our house has very limited closet space upstairs so I couldn’t access and organize them as easily as I’d like.  (Huge props to the original owner in the 50s who shared one bathroom with her spouse and her kids.)

Are you like me and looking for an easy solution?

Hang an over-the-door shoe hanger in your linen closet.  The shoe slots are the perfect size for cleaning products and tools. You’ll create an ultra-organized hall closet that’s almost as pretty to look at it as it is useful.

How do you deal with limited storage space? Do you have a “thing” for cleaning supplies?



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5 responses to “Tip Jar: Organize your cleaning supplies.

  1. oh my gosh I love this idea! This is the answer I’ve been searching for!!

    Tasha, you are incredible.

  2. Mom

    That is a very smart way to organize when one has such limited space. Clever!!

  3. Mom

    Can’t wait for more tips!!

  4. Lori

    Tash, I love the blog! You’re so funny and you write just like you talk…love it! Also, you know me and my OCD, so I am in love with this idea! In fact, I’m thinking of all the other things I could put in this type of shoe hanger!

  5. Dorothy

    Great idea. I’m thinking that I could maybe use a simular idea for bathroom tall toiletries like hair spray etc. as I have no storage for anything that doesn’t stand up in a drawer. I’ll work on it.

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