Past Parties: Party Like a Rock Star

I’m going to feature several parties I’ve planned in the past to show ya’ll what sparked my party-planning bug.  Look for these under the “Past Party” tags.

My nephew recently turned 8 and is fascinated by Rock Band.  In fact, he got an electric guitar for his birthday.  How my brother and his wife are going to survive that sound, I don’t know. My mom, who we will call “Mama Judd” just in case she wants to retain some anonymity,  wanted to surprise the birthday boy with a rock star party.

We asked all partiers to wear rocker outfits.  The rest of us followed suit – even my one-year-old twin nieces.

You go girls.

Before those hip rockers were allowed into the party they had to get their mandatory wrist bands. (Props to Doug for being such a good bouncer.)

Then it was a star studded trip down the red carpet….. (All-a-dollar table cloths have so many uses!)

Each of us had a star with our name on it and the birthday boy had an extra big star.

(The banner said: “One Night Only: Introducing C-Man!”)

At the door, each of the three kids got swag bags full of pop rocks and glow sticks.  The birthday boy also got tattoo sleeves.

I used Mama Judd’s old school vinyl records and record covers for place mats.  For one of the centerpieces I painted a black glittery “C” in honor of the birthday boy and displayed it on an overly-glamorous IKEA candle stick holder.

Okay, okay. In the name of full disclosure, I had to have Papa Judd paint the wood C.  Spray paint is trickier than it looks!

We ate a fantastic dinner and Mama Judd made a saw-weeeet guitar cupcake cake. As a rocker might say, it was “sick.”

Although the Wii wouldn’t properly play Rock Band for us, the birthday boy gave us a great show on his new electric guitar:

This party wasn’t my first – stay tuned for more in my new ‘past party’ series – but it definitely spurred my party planning bug.  Party on, dudes.

Anyone with suggestions on creating an even spray-paint job?



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2 responses to “Past Parties: Party Like a Rock Star

  1. try using engine paint — that’s what we use when we spray anything black. It seems to coat more evenly (unless Josh is just really good at spray painting… which i doubt…) and it has a nice sheen as well.

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