Idle hands are . . .

I hate starting sentences with “I.”

Yes, I know. I just did it.  And there again.

But if this is a blog about what I’m doing and what I have to offer, I see no way around this problem.  Perhaps later on I’ll indulge the root of this pet peeve.  But for now it seems I must reveal who I am and, most importantly, why this blog will be useful to you.

. . .

I am a 27 year old lawyer.  After many years of hard work and determination, the Utah State Bar accepted my application and a local law firm accepted by resume. After achieving so much at a tender 26 years, I had a terrible realization.

I had many things but I didn’t have any hobbies.

Without homework I was at a total loss. What do normal people do when they get home?  How do normal people keep themselves entertained?  I was at a stand off with free time and free time was winning.  Further exacerbating matters, I found that I could not sit still for tasks other people found enjoyable. (In fact, I’ve since diagnosed myself as distilled. Bah ha ha!)

The situation was so dire that at one point I found myself Googling “find a hobby.”  That’s when I recognized I had a problem.

Reflecting on it today, it doesn’t seem like a whole year ago that I sat around twiddling my thumbs.  (No, literally. I twiddle my thumbs.)  This blog will detail what I’ve learned, what I’m learning and what I want to learn. I’ll share my adventures in this craze called DIY, gardening, cooking, cleaning, embroidery, repurposing, and party planning – all while balancing the lifestyle of a lawyer.

Thanks for joining me and I’ll work hard to keep you around!

I intend to update this blog every other day or so.  Your comments and suggestions will keep me inspired! Let me know how I can improve.  Although I’m sticking to the confines of a free program until I can convince myself that I have something worthwhile to say, tell me how to improve its look and make it user friendly. Have suggestions on my writing or ideas for a blog? Let me know by commenting on a post!



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9 responses to “Idle hands are . . .

  1. Mom

    Love, love, love the header. How about a before picture of the dresser? It looks really good by the way! I think it needs a bottom drawer though? You gotta give me more to read I am left hanging here…

  2. Mom

    Just so you know you’re in my “favorites”

  3. Lauren

    You are a great writer! I am definitely intrigued and inspired! Can’t wait for more!

  4. You are my favorite. Ever.

  5. Uncle B.

    It’s great to hear what you’re up to. No pressure here, but your’s is the only blog I’ve ever subscribed to!

  6. In addition to being a lawyer, a gardener, an embroiderer, a party-planner, and a friend and partner to Doug, you’re also one hell of a writer … one of the best I’ve ever had the privilege of teaching. I’m tickled to see you writing again, and I’ll follow your blog consistently. So far, I love what I’ve read. Keep the details coming.

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